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    values-based architecture for environment, community and spirit

    founded in creative, sustainable and sensitive design, our organic architectural style offers a deeper connection with nature, minimises negative environmental impact and creates a sense of delight in movement, space and form


    soft loud house architects provide an extensive range of professional architectural services, from masterplanning and feasibility studies to ecovillage, cohousing and school projects through to finely crafted individual homes of all sizes


    using a values-based architectural approach, we work closely with our clients to address their specific goals, needs and values


    The following values guide our design process…




    Environmental sustainability…








    Our philosophy embraces design as a personal and human process which unites people, purpose and place with beauty, nature and each other. We work with a deep respect for the environment and with an informed awareness of the impact our choices make every day.

  • schools

    soft loud house architects have collaborated on a wide range of inspiring rudolf steiner and community school projects, from master plans, classrooms, halls and community shared spaces, that sensitively support people in a learning environment.  


    over many years managing the funding and reporting process for school projects, we have developed a strong relationship with the grants authorities, and have a thorough understanding of the funding, regulatory and design requirements within the education sector.

  • little things

    a selection of the ideas and issues we are currently thinking about...

  • who are we

    since its inception in 1999, soft loud house architects has established itself as an architectural practice committed to innovative and sustainable design. through our extensive work with housing, farms, schools and more recently eco villages, we have become recognised for our grounded, healthy and lively form of organic architecture and our ability to interweave buildings, gardens and landscape to create an enticing and poetic sense of place.


     many years of research and experience has enabled us to develop a solid resource base of sustainable materials, information, consultants, contacts and suppliers.  we offer our clients sustainable and practical choices for design, materials and energy efficiency in their buildings and landscapes.  


    soft loud house architects are a certified carbon neutral company.

    alvyn williams

    alvyn williams



    alvyn is our principal architect 

    emi whyte

    graduate architect


    emi takes care of our project details, documentation, planning and coordination with consultants

    (her blurry photo is being addressed)

    angelo campione



     angelo looks after our finances and business planning

    (his blurry photo is also being addressed)

    pia williams



    pia gives us admin backup and makes sure we are all healthy, fit and strong

  • services

    soft loud house architects provide an extensive range of professional architectural services from ecovillage projects through to individual homes and community spaces.  for a typical project we create, develop and document unique one-off building designs, then coordinate the planning and building approval process, then the tendering and construction processes on our clients behalf.


    We spend considerable care developing a project brief for each client, to inform the design, planning and construction process. For each project, we explore the unique needs and wants of each client, including experiential, emotional, practical and budget requirements as well as the specific qualities of each site.  

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