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lime and red gum cordwood trial

lime and redgum
Its time to get away from the computer for a bit...
we are thinking of a lime mortar and split redgum cordwood entry wall for a farmhouse - something special and welcoming for around the front door... (thanks Tyrone Jaspers for reminding us to test this out)
Loving the rice pudding texture of the lime mortar and the way the lime in the cracks of the split redgum fill with lime and aggregate to emphasise the grain. The theme of rounds facing up and split faces down should look good, and not too many big bits. Redgum split for firewood is relatively inexpensive, and we imagine the external veneer wall can be 100 - 150 thick. The idea would also work with small rounds, perhaps branches of 75-100mm.
For anyone who's interested in the details, the sand-lime mix has white cement added as a pozzolan to initiate the setting reaction. The mortar mix ratio is 9 parts washed sand : 3 parts lime : 1 part off-white cement 
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